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Join a free live virtual webinar

Are you wondering what qualifications you need to be a health coach?
Are you curious about your earning potential ?
Do you want a career where you can really make a difference in the world?

Find out the answers and discover how to become a health coach and what exciting and growing opportunities for qualified health coaches there are.  All of our live virtual webinars are free to attend and give you a taste of the training and an opportunity to meet the team.

Alternatively you can book a one to one call with one of our Senior Course Consultants.


Wednesday 17th July, 7:30pm

An Introduction to Health Coaching

Are you thinking about becoming a Health Coach?  Puzzled about what qualifications you need? Want to change career to something with more purpose? Join us for an Introduction to Health Coaching and how it has the power to transform people’s health and happiness with our CEO, Carolyn St John Loder.

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Tuesday 23rd July, 1pm

A Blueprint for Healthy Ageing

How do you feel about getting older? Would you like to find out the simple changes that can be made today to live a longer, happier and healthier life? Join our FREE masterclass with CEO and director of Nutrition Training, Ann Garry, to learn the key to healthy ageing and the simple strategies to implement.

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Thursday 25th July, 11.30am

The Magic of Health Coaching

Would you like to take control of your own health and create a life you love? Are you looking to improve the health and habits of others? Wondering how to make those ‘healthy’ changes and stick to them? Join our CEO Carolyn St John Loder to discover the magic of health coaching.

Can't wait or unable to make a live webinar?

Access our on demand session and gain valuable insights straight away

Whether you are curious about what a Health & Wellness Coach actually does, would like to discover how becoming a Health Coach can transform your own life or eager to learn about the exciting career opportunities within this fast-growing profession and how you can get started, our on-demand webinar led by Carolyn St John Loder, joint CEO of Health Coaches Academy provides all of the information that you need to help you decide on the next best step for you.

Alternatively, you can book a
personal call with us today

Find out if Health Coaching is the new career for you

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