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Discover a new career in Health & Wellness Coaching

Are you looking for a new career where you can make a real difference?

Would you love to help others to improve their health and wellness?

Helping people to transform their health and improve their lives is one of the most rewarding careers you could possibly have. Train with the UK’s most experienced Health Coaching & Nutrition team and become a Professional Health & Wellness Coach in just 12 months.

Find out if Health Coaching is the new career for you by joining one of our free introductory Health Coaching events, or a call with one of our specialist course consultants:


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What is a Health & Wellness Coach?

A Health Coach works with people to improve their lives in any area that will have a positive impact on their wellbeing: nutrition, physical health, happiness, vitality, life purpose, relationships, career, self-development and more.

Health Coaches coach others to live their best life, healthy and well; they can work in private practice, with doctors, chiropractors, psychologists, at health centres and clinics, within corporate and at wellness retreats.   They can also run groups in person or online, work within education, or publishing and can practice in a multitude of flexible ways, working either full time or part-time

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"I have grown so much while studying with HCA. The course has added a whole new dimension to my life. Since starting the course, I've lost 8kg, and my Rheumatologist is blown away by how my inflammation levels have dropped, to the point that she wants to wean me off my medication. I feel more energetic, positive and have a whole new lease on life.”


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Could you be a good Health Coach?

Many Health Coaches who train with us have areas of their own health and wellbeing they would like to improve;  this motivation can stem from personal health challenges as well as a desire to help your loved ones.

Whatever brings people to us, the common thread among all of our students and graduates is a deep desire to create a genuine, positive impact on the health and wellbeing of others, and become part of this powerful solution to our current healthcare crisis.

Become a Health & Wellness Coach in just 12 months

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With our accredited Qualifi Level 5 Diploma in Health & Wellness Coaching you will receive

Weekly mentoring led by specialists in Coaching, Health & Wellness, Nutrition, Health Coaching and Marketing

Unique 3-day in-person training events with the HCA Founders in London, UK and Johannesburg, South Africa

Business support to start your own successful practice with our Health Coaches Hub

A flexible, part-time course schedule that can fit around your existing job, family and other responsibilities

Quarterly, 1-day special online guest events with health and nutrition experts from around the world

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"While I thought I was "happy" in my previous career, I always had this deep rooted need to be contributing to society in a way that would have a more positive impact. I wanted to make a difference. Fundamentally people want to live healthy and happy lives, but many don't know how or lack the motivation and support to make this a reality. This course has equipped me with the knowledge and tools that I share with my clients to help them transform their health and their lives. I now feel satisfied that I am making a difference."


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